To be a national and regional leader in the delivery of accreditation services to a global standard.


To attest to the competence and impartiality of conformity assessment bodies according to international standards, in order to monitor and improve the quality and reliability of their outputs, thus promoting competitiveness, trade, health, safety and protection of the environment.

Core Values

The following principles and values will guide NiNAS’ work:




NiNAS will act in an unbiased and objective manner, not favoring any party. NiNAS will be independent and the accreditation assessors will avoid any conflict of interests that might affect the performance of their evaluations.


NiNAS will act in an honest way in full compliance with all applicable regulations and promote gender equality. NiNAS will provide consistently truthful and honest evaluations.


NiNAS will act in a discrete manner and will not disclose any information about its clients unless it has received a written authorization or a judicial request.


NiNAS will act in a competent manner. NiNAS’ assessors will be knowledgeable, skillful and experienced to carry out their evaluations. They will keep their competency up to date through continuous learning and specialized training.


NiNAS will act in an innovative manner. It will provide a new service that was not domestically available in Nigeria before.

Customer focus

Fulfilling the customers’ needs and expectations is key for NiNAS. NiNAS will offer high quality services at reasonable prices.

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