The Nigerian National Accreditation Service (NiNAS) entered into a partnership with the Nigeria Institute of Soil Science (NISS). The MOU signed today by NiNAS and NISS is aimed at capturing the commitment and the understanding between the two organizations towards enhancing the achievement of their mandates. NISS and NiNAS agree to work together in the area of accreditation of NISS Personal Certification for soil scientists and the Inspection program of NISS.

NiNAS will provide training for the management and staff on relevant standards relating to the mandates of NISS. By this MOU, it is expected that NISS will emerge stronger and better to fulfill her mandate according to international standards.

The Director-General of NiNAS, Celestine O. Okanya signed on behalf of NiNAS while Professor Victor Chude signed on behalf of NISS.