NiNAS will grant accreditation when the CAB demonstrates that it has the necessary competence to perform specified tasks. This assessment follows a process that starts with the application by the CAB.


CAB applies


NiNAS appoints team


NiNAS reviews documents


NiNAS assesses on-site


NiNAS issues report


CAB resolves non-conformities


NiNAS accredits


Accreditation Certificate

NiNAS will appoint a team of technical assessors for each project. They will conduct a thorough evaluation of all factors in the CAB that affect the outcome of the CAB’s assessments, e.g.:
    • technical competence of staff (qualifications, training, experience)
    • appropriateness of assessment methods
    • the use of suitable equipment
    • safeguards to ensure impartiality and confidentiality
    • code of conduct and processes for working safely
    • effective quality assurance procedures
  • etc.

NiNAS will perform the above-mentioned evaluation of the CABs by reviewing documents and performing audits on-site.

NiNAS will gather the results of the evaluation in a report that is sent to the applicant. The applicant must then put in place all corrective actions that are necessary to resolve any non-conformities.

With the evaluation report and the applicants answer, NiNAS will take a decision. If the decision is positive, NiNAS issues the certificate of accreditation.

Once accredited, NiNAS must re-assess CABs regularly to ensure continued compliance with requirements, and to check that they maintain the required standards of operation.

Time frames

Generally, the accreditation process will take between 6 and 12 months depending on the scope of the accreditation and the status of the applicant.

The exact duration will depend as well on the level of preparation of the applicant and on the amount of time that the applicant needs to implement any corrective actions.

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