The Director General and Chief Executive of Nigeria National Accreditation System (NiNAS), Celestine O. Okanya has been confirmed as the Chairman of Pan African Quality Infrastructure (PAQI) on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Mr. Celestine will be assuming the chairmanship role in March, 2020.

PAQI was officially inaugurated on the 30th of August 2013 by the Director for Trade and Industry, African Union Commission, where members comprising of the African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC), the Intra-Africa Metrology System (AFRIMETS), the African Electro-technical Standardisation Commission (AFSEC) and the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) formalized their cooperation as members of the Pan African Quality Infrastructure (PAQI) by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

The mission of PAQI is to strengthen the regional and global competitiveness of Africa’s goods and services and contribute towards an improved quality of life for the African people through prudent use of standards, measurements, conformity assessment and accreditation.

One of the ways PAQI strive to achieve its mission is through the development and implementation of African policies on Standards, Measurement, Conformity Assessment and Accreditation that supports the realization of Africa’s Economic integration and environmental sustainability.

NiNAS wishes its Director General success in this huge continental assignment. We are confident that he will make remarkable impact in this new and well-deserved appointment.