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Who can apply for accreditation?

The accreditation process is open to all conformity assessment bodies, whether public or private, regardless of their size or scope of activities. NiNAS will be introducing programs in a phased approach and therefore will have certain programs available at the outset of operations.
Before applying for accreditation, the CAB must have experience in the execution of the activities for which it is requesting accreditation, and it must know and fulfill the applicable accreditation criteria.


The cost for accreditation includes an application fee for the handling of the process and the costs corresponding to the number of days necessary to carry on the evaluation (review of documents and audits on-site). NiNAS will send an estimate of costs to the applicant prior to the start of the assessment.
There is a fee as well for the accreditation certificate.
Finally, accredited CABs pay an annual fee for the maintenance of accreditation.

How to apply for accreditation

To apply for accreditation, please send an email to All information received by NiNAS will be considered confidential. Download Application form here.

Download Accreditation Guide