Inauguration of NiNAS Board

Inauguration of NiNAS Board

The Inauguguration of the new board of Nigeria National Accreditation System was successfully conducted today, Wednesday, 4th March, 2020 at the Newton Park Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.

The establishment of the new board is part of the requirements of the international ISO17011 standard for Accreditation Bodies. With this development, NiNAS has fulfilled all the legal requirements to operate as a National Accreditation body with international recognition.

This is a big boost to the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) and the regional accreditation system in Africa.

Membership of the new board cuts across both public and private sectors of the economy with representatives from NACCIMMA, NASME, MAN, SON, NAFDAC, NESREA, FCCPC, FMITI, IPAN, MLSCN and FISAS. This combination has given NiNAS a strong footing and strategic positioning.

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