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NIGERIAN MEDICAL LABORATORIES STRENGTHENING PROJECT, NMLSP ...towards accreditation for Serologic and Molecular Biology Test

NMLS Project is designed to build the capacity and equip some Nigerian Medical laboratories to be competent to conduct serologic and molecular biologic tests within Nigeria Health System.

The project is necessitated by the challenges faced by Nigerian Health system from onset of covid-19 pandemic and during the peak of the crisis. Looking at what we have now and predicting the possibilities of future pandemic of similar nature, there is need for some of our medical laboratories to have the capacity to provides clinical analysis in molecular biologic samples.

Announcing the official launching of the project, The Director General /CEO of Nigeria National Accreditation System, Celestine Okanya stated that the project is aimed at addressing the absence of competent laboratories to conduct clinical serologic and molecular biologic test samples in Nigeria’s regular health system. He further pointed out the lack of modern equipment used for molecular analysis in General hospitals and most Teaching Hospitals as well as the lack of relevant working experience in area of serologic and molecular biologic tests among most of our medical laboratory scientists practicing within our health system.

He envisions that this project will prepare our medical laboratory system for current and future pandemics of molecular biologic origin such as Covid-19 in a fashion that we can have an integrated system to diagnose, treat or manage disease out-break without having to set up whole new systems outside our existing health system. The DG hopes that the project will build the capacity of our laboratories to perform these classes of tests in our Hospitals at a reasonable distance to our cities and at affordable rate.

The collaborating institutions and organizations includes Nigeria Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, MLSCN, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, NAEC, Bloom Health Nigeria, Nigeria National Accreditation System, NiNAS and many more listed on the project document. Present at this launching includes The heads or Representatives of these organisations. Dr. Lawrena Okoro of MLSCN was appointed as the Project Lead.

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